ChatColorGUI ($10)

ChatColorGUI ($10)

This plugin allows you to open a gui which you can then select from many nickname options, that are completely customizable. You can also choose chat colors!

This is a PLUGIN, and it goes into your /plugins/ folder on your server. It will not work if It's elsewhere!

How it works:

You simply run the command /colors, and you are greeted with 2 options, nickname color, and chat color. when you select one, you will see a list of all the colors, and when you over over them, you can see if you have permission to use it or not. All the colors are permission based, example: chatcolorgui.nickname.yellow. On the main menu there is a button that you can click to remove your nickname or chat color.



Works With

  • PlaceholderAPI
  • Essentials Nickname


Values in <> are required, values in [] are optional

  • /ChatColorGUI reload - Reloads the plugin.
  • /ChatColorGUI help - Sends the help page.
  • /colors - Opens the main GUI


  • chatcolorgui.reload.cmd - Gives permissions to use /ChatColorGUI reload.
  • - Gives permissions to use /ChatColorGUI help.
  • chatcolorgui.colors.cmd - Gives permissions to use /colors.

Need help?

Join the Support Server and feel free to ask any questions. You can talk to me directly too, My discord is i0#0001