Discord Bot ($20)

Discord Bot ($20)

This is a multi-purpose discord bot that is targeted towards Minecraft server owners. It can be run as a plugin on any Bungeecord server, or as a standalone bot on any VPS or computer. To see features or to try out the bot, make a ticket in my discord and I'll get you setup!


  • Fully optimized Minecraft Oriented Discord Bot with tons of features!
  • Fully customizable messages and VERY in depth configuration!
  • Main use is as a Plugin on a Bungeecord Minecraft server. But can be run standalone.
  • Internal Placeholder system, with 25+ placeholders.
  • Constant updates, and implementation of suggestions and requests.
  • Auto filling config every feature update.



In order to purchase this product, you need to be in the support server & you need to put your Discord ID in the text field below. Then click the PayPal button and pay. After you make the payment, it will give you a role in the discord, which you can find all the past versions of the plugin, and download everything you need to run.

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