StaffPro ($15)

StaffPro ($15)

This plugin allows you to take control of your server staff wise, and give your staff team tools to use to moderate your server!

This is a PLUGIN, and it goes into your /plugins/ folder on your server. It will not work if It's elsewhere!

How it works:

The main feature of StaffPro is ModMode, which staff can access through /modmode, which puts you into limited creative mode that has different options in your inventory to do certain things. Some of these things include: Vanish, Freeze, Examine, Random TP. While in mod-mode you can get some custom gear that is fully customizable! Everything in this plugin is configurable.



Works With

  • PlaceholderAPI
  • MassiveCraft Factions


Values in <> are required, values in [] are optional

  • /staffpro reload - Reloads the plugin.
  • /staffpro help - Sends a list of commands.
  • /vanish [player] - Vanishes youreself or the target player.
  • /unvanish [player] - Un-Vanishes yourself or the target player.
  • /rtp - Randomly teleport to a real player.
  • /strip <player> - Strips the gear off their body.
  • /freeze <player> - Freezes the player.
  • /unfreeze <player> - Un-Freezes the player.
  • /ping [player] - Shows the ping of yourself or the target player.


  • staffpro.reload.cmd - Gives permissions to use /staffpro reload.
  • - Gives permissions to use /staffpro help.
  • - Gives permissions to use /ping.
  • staffpro.vanish.cmd - Gives permission to use /vanish.
  • staffpro.vanish.modmode - Gives permission the vanish item in modmode.
  • staffpro.unvanish.cmd - Gives permission to use /unvanish.
  • staffpro.unvanish.modmode - Gives permission the unvanish item in modmode.
  • staffpro.vanish.login - If you have this permission, you will be able to log online and be automatically vanished.
  • staffpro.rtp.bypass - If you have this permission, you will bypass being randomly teleported to.
  • staffpro.rtp.cmd - Gives permission to use /rtp.
  • staffpro.rtp.modmode - Gives permission the rtp item in modmode.
  • staffpro.strip.cmd - Gives permission to use /strip.
  • staffpro.strip.modmode - Gives permission to use strip item in modmode.
  • staffpro.freeze.cmd - Gives permission to use /freeze.
  • staffpro.unfreeze.cmd - Gives permission to use /unfreeze.
  • staffpro.freeze.bypass - Bypasses being able to be frozen.
  • staffpro.freeze.modmode - Gives permission the freeze item in modmode.
  • staffpro.unfreeze.modmode - Gives permission the unfreeze item in modmode.
  • staffpro.examine.cmd - Gives permission to use /examine.
  • staffpro.examine.bypass - Bypasses being able to be examined.
  • staffpro.examine.takeitem - Able to take items from the examine inventory.
  • staffpro.examine.modmode - Gives permission the examine item in modmode.
Combat List
  • staffpro.combatlist.cmd - Gives permission to use /combatList.
  • staffpro.combatlist.modmode - Gives permission the combat list item in modmode.
  • staffpro.modmode.cmd - Gives permission to use /modmode.
  • staffpro.modmode.login - If you have this permission you will be able to login and automatically be put in modmode.

Need help?

Join the Support Server and feel free to ask any questions. You can talk to me directly too, My discord is i0#0001


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