StaffPro ($10)

StaffPro ($10)


  • Fully optimized Staff plugin with many features
  • Fully customizable messages and in depth configuration!
  • Easy to setup and run!


  • Constant updates, and implementation of suggestions and requests.
  • Commands: Examine, Freeze, Unfreeze, ModMode, RandomTeleport, StaffList, Strip, Vanish, Unvanish
  • Stores modmode, vanish, and freeze to a human readable file.
  • Staff Join/Leave messages, displaying attributes like vanished & modmode
  • Remembers statuses on relog, server restart, and crashes.
  • ModMode is a customizable inventory that staff can go into that gives them options in their inventory to use to run actions: Examine, Freeze, Unfreeze, RandomTeleport, Vanish, Unvanish, Combat List.
  • ModMode extended: Has modmode armor, gamemode, flight, prevent modification, prevent pickup, all configurable.
  • Vanish completely hides your player from others, disables picking up items and some other to add better security.
  • Chat Filter that blocks and replaces blacklisted words with ***
  • Has action bars for different statuses staff are in.
  • Factions MassiveCraft, Supreme Factions, Factions UUID, Superior Skyblock, InvisRegions