Switcher Balls (Free)

Switcher Balls (Free)

This plugin allows you to switch locations with another player with the item Switcher Ball, a projectile that you can throw.

This is a PLUGIN, and it goes into your /plugins/ folder on your server. It will not work if It's elsewhere!

How it works:

You achieve a SwitcherBall through the /switcherBalls give command, that you can then throw at an enemy and switch locations with them!



Works With

  • PlaceholderAPI
  • Massivecraft Factions


Values in <> are required, values in [] are optional

  • /switcherBalls reload - Reloads the plugin.
  • /switcherBalls give <player> [amount] - Gives a switcher ball to that player.


  • switcherBalls.reload - Gives permissions to use /switcherBalls reload.
  • switcherBalls.give - Gives permissions to use /switcherBalls give.

Need help?

Join the Support Server and feel free to ask any questions. You can talk to me directly too, My discord is i0#0001